Pediatric Sleep Consulting 

Enjoy Every Moment of Motherhood, Well-Rested. 

Hi! I'm Lexi Thompson!

NICU Nurse & Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Hello! My name is Lexi, I am a NICU nurse and Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant. I live in Colorado, with my handsome cowboy, on a 6,000 acre ranch with lots of animals, and our sweet baby girl, with a second on the way!
I am someone who needs a lot of sleep. And when I say a lot, at least 9 hours every night. If I go consecutive nights without this much sleep, I get sick. I'm not sure if my immune systems sucks, but that's how I have always been. Even in high school, my bedtime was no later than 8:30 pm. 
When I got pregnant with my first, I was so scared and horrified by all the sleepless nights stories I'd hear from girlfriends and my family. I was determined to not be a sleep-deprived mom!
So I read every article on newborn sleep, bought into the one-size-fits-all sleep training courses online, and joined every Facebook sleep training group I could find. Want to know what I found? A slew of overwhelming, conflicting information. I felt like I would read one thing, then have to go back the next day just to remember what I read to make sure I grasped the method and concept. 
Once my daughter was born, I still found myself up at 3 am asking myself, "What did that video say to do again?" I was lost on what to do with no clear plan and exhausted. Every road block we hit felt like a dead-end. 
One day while on maternity leave, scrolling a mom blog, I found an article on becoming a pediatric sleep consultant. It totally spoke to me! I knew if I was struggling and not finding answers, there had to be other moms out there, too! I signed up for the course that night. Studied my booty off to pass the course, and once I did, I sleep trained my daughter at 3 months old in 3 nights... I knew exactly what to do for those 1 am, 2 am, 3 am, wake-ups. I ditched all the Facebook groups, and cancelled all my newborn sleep subscriptions online. 
Ever since sleep training... my daughter has yet to have a sleep regression, a sleepless night from teething or sickness, and my husband and I go to bed without a stress in the world knowing we will get a full night's sleep (and I'll get my 9 hours at least ;) 

Fun Facts about Me

01. Where are you from?

I'm a Colorado Native. 

02. Tell me about yourself!

A rancher’s wife, married a cowboy and love the country life!

03. What's something unique about you?

I'm the only one in my immediate family with blue eyes and red hair.

04. What's another passion of yours?

I show horses at a national level, another passion of mine!

05. Do you have kids?

I have a beautiful baby girl who looks exactly like her dad ;)

06. Do you have pets?

We have 3 male dogs, one in every size! A mini dachshund, a husky, and a big silver lab!

My mission is to help moms achieve the best sleep possible by teaching their baby how to fall asleep all on their own. No more going through motherhood exhausted!