Pediatric Sleep Consulting and Coaching

Helping Families Everywhere Get Better Sleep

When was the last time you slept through the night?

Learning new sleep training techniques and strategies to help your baby sleep all night long isn’t selfish—it’s necessary. Let me help you discover the incredible results of improved sleeping patterns for you and your baby through proven sleep training methods.  

After just two weeks, you and your child will feel the difference healthy sleep schedules and habits can make for the entire family.  

I am passionate about helping families and their children get the sleep they all deserve through my sleep consulting services!

No one child is the same, each child is unique and special in their own way. A one-size fits all method might only get a family so far. Meeting a family where they are and having a customized plan and support from an expert can make all the difference from multiple night wakings or fighting naps to an “all-nighter” of sleep for everyone in the family! Whatever a parent’s goal may be for their child, I am dedicated to support and guide them throughout this life-changing journey. 

Lexi Thompson

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Helping parents of young children navigate and overcome their little one’s sleep challenges is one of my greatest privileges. When I became a mom to my little girl, I soon found myself scrolling the internet looking for solutions to help my daughter’s sleep patterns improve. Unfortunately, I selected a one-size-fits-all approach to sleep training and quickly learned it wasn’t the answer for our family. What I did learn however, is that every child and family is different—that’s why I began exploring the world of pediatric sleep consulting and ultimately decided to open All-Nighters.

I desire to see families able to sleep well and enjoy each other’s company—well rested. The importance of a good night’s rest is crucial for the entire family.  

Over the years, I have worked with many families as a Home Health Pediatric Nurse serving physically and mentally disabled children and their families and now as a NICU nurse. This opportunity and my current occupation greatly expanded my ability to empathize with others going through various challenges. 

I believe you deserve to wake up feeling rested after a full night of sleep—and your baby does too. Together, we can tackle the sleep difficulties that your family is facing to help you experience better sleep every night.  

Fun Facts about Me

01. Where are you from?

I'm a Colorado Native. 

02. Tell me about yourself!

A rancher’s wife, married a cowboy and love the country life!

03. What's something unique about you?

I'm the only one in my immediate family with blue eyes and red hair.

04. What's another passion of yours?

I show horses at a national level, another passion of mine!

05. Do you have kids?

I have a beautiful baby girl who looks exactly like her dad ;)

06. Do you have pets?

We have 3 male dogs, one in every size! A mini dachshund, a husky, and a big silver lab!

All-Nighters is committed to helping families everywhere experience the results they crave in their little one’s sleeping habits through online sleep consulting for infants and children.