Pediatric Sleep Consulting and Coaching

An Individualized Approach to Sleep Training Services 

All family’s experiences and circumstances are unique and require personalized sleep plans for their specific needs.  

Some families may be bottle-feeding their infants while others are breastfeeding. 

Some families may desire gentler sleep training methods while others want the fastest route possible. 

Some families may have infants while others have young children.  

Some families may have siblings involved while others have just one child.  

Your family comes first, and your preferences matter! My detailed questionnaire helps me determine the best sleep training methods for your little one. Together, we can help you and your family get back to restorative night sleep, solid daytime naps, and healthy sleep habits for all!  

Sleep Training Services for Every Family

Let me help you discover the best sleep solution for your family’s needs. As a certified sleep consultant, I understand the importance of walking with you through the entire process from the start. You can rest assured knowing that you no longer have to figure it out on your own.  

Two-Week Sleep Consultation

The Two-Week Sleep Consultation is best for families with infants and children 12 weeks - 6 years old looking for a full transformation of their child’s sleep habits through personalized sleep training techniques. 

Do you feel like you’ve tried it all, and nothing seems to help your child sleep well during the day? Are you frustrated with frequent night wakings? My Two-Week Sleep Consultation is a great option for those looking to help their children learn and retain healthy sleep habits—day and night. With the Two-Week Sleep Consultation package, you’ll get the support and advice you need to overcome almost every sleep challenge your baby will face. 

Investment: $600

  • One 15-min Complimentary Discovery Call to Discuss How I Can Best Support You 
  • A Detailed Questionnaire to Get the Full Picture of Your Family’s Needs 
  • Two 30-min Consultation Calls to Discuss the Sleep Plan and Wrap-Up After Two Weeks 
  • Personalized Sleep Plan to Guide You and Your Child to Better Sleep Habits 
  • 12 Hours a Day Unlimited Text Support Throughout the Two Weeks of Implementation 

What's Next

  • Book a Complimentary 15-min Call to Determine the Best Services for Your Needs
  • Book Your Service and Complete My Thorough Questionnaire
  • Receive a Detailed and Comprehensive Sleep Plan 
  • Review and Discuss Your Sleep Plan via a 30-min Phone Call
  • Receive Support via Unlimited Text Messaging
  • Wrap-Up and Discuss Your Child’s Sleep with a 30-min Call
  • Enjoy a Happy, Well-Rested Baby!

What’s Included? 

As a first time parent I reached for anything and everything I thought would be helpful.

I am a first time mom with a 7 month old who struggled with sleep all around, was unable to fall asleep independently or self-sooth, and was waking up 3-4x/night. I initially worked through a self-driven sleep-training course, however, it didn’t produce as many positive changes as I had hoped, I felt I was still struggling to implement it effectively, and getting more overwhelmed with the process. After working with Lexi, nothing compares to having someone specifically there for you, talking to you every day and guiding you on strategies. Lexi did a wonderful job educating us on the sleep methods and routines, providing positive reinforcement, setting realistic expectations and goals, and listening to us as we navigated what worked best for us. We realized that “sleep training” is not just getting your little one to sleep through the night and “cry it out” does not have to mean ignoring your baby. This process helped reveal some of our mistakes and ways we could improve on the methods we were already trying to implement. Lexi made us feel very comfortable! We now have a set bedtime routine, independently falling asleep and able to self-sooth much better, days are more regimented, daytime naps are longer, sleep intervals at night are 6+ hours with normally no more than 1 night time wakening, and most importantly we have a happier baby! 

Erin, Rylan’s Mom

Ask Me Anything Call 

Once your child has become a more independent sleeper, you may expect it to be smooth sailing, but the truth is, all children are different. If you’re experiencing an unexpected interruption in your child’s sleep habits, my 30-min Ask Me Anything Call is a great opportunity to get your sleep questions answered by a certified pediatric sleep consultant. 

Investment: $75

  • 30-min Sleep Consultation Call with a Knowledgeable Sleep Specialist  
  • One-on-One Support to Target Your Family’s Specific Challenges 
  • Your Sleep Questions Answered to Get Back to Good Sleep for All 
  • A short questionnaire to best prepare me for our call

What's Next

  • Select my Ask Me Anything Call Services
  • Prep Questions for Our Call and fill out a short questionnaire
  • Receive Advice and Guidance via a 30-min Phone Call
  • Enjoy Restored Sleep for You and Your Little One! 

What’s Included? 

Book An Ask Me Anything Call 

I believe it is important that your child feels supported and safe throughout the entire sleep training process. Here at All-Nighters, we don’t encourage the cry it out (CIO) method. Rather I believe in responsive sleep training methods to ensure your child feels reassured throughout the entire two-week period. However, it is important to remember that all babies cry to communicate, and in order to achieve the results you desire, your child may cry as they learn to sleep more independently.  

It can be challenging to hear our little ones cry, but remember the end goal is for your child to be able to gain the skills they need to sleep independently day and night.  

Is my child required to CIO for All-Nighter's sleep training methods to work?  

Yes, absolutely! Unfortunately, the myth that breastfed babies cannot be sleep trained has been shared by many. However, when you work with me, I will provide tips and tricks on how you can get better, more filling feeds in during the daytime. When mom is ready, I will also offer guidance on weaning baby from night feeds to an amount appropriate for their age and development.   

Can I continue breastfeeding while implementing the two-week sleep plan?  

I offer three different services to meet the needs of families at various stages. These services include:  

Two-Week Sleep Consultation: $600 

Ask Me Anything Call: $75 

“4th Trimester” Sleep Shaping Guide: $40 

How much should I expect to pay?  

Helping your child gain confidence when it comes to sleeping more independently is an amazing experience. Typically sleep challenges are experienced in the first few years of life and begin improving as they get older. Here at All-Nighters, I work with newborns through children six years of age to help build a solid foundation for their sleep habits as well as help them overcome the various sleep challenges they may face.  

What ages do All-Nighters work with?  

Every child is different, and while I am unable to give you a definitive answer—it is likely that your child’s sleep will transform significantly (if not completely) within the two weeks of my Two-Week Sleep Consultation.

How long will it take for my little one to sleep through the night?  

A Proven Sleep Solution for Tired Parents 

Say goodbye to sleepless nights and feeling like you’re dragging through the day with baby sleep training services! You and your little one deserve nothing more than to wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready for a new day. With the help of All-Nighters, you could be sleeping significantly better in as little as two weeks! 

Are you ready to experience the difference a knowledgeable sleep consultant can make in your family’s sleep habits?