Best for newborns (0-12 weeks) 

“4th Trimester” Sleep Shaping E-Book 

So many things change in the first few months of bringing your newborn home. Everything from getting out of the house on time to mealtime can feel different and frustrating as you settle into your new norm. What if I told you you could have some control over helping your baby learn and retain solid sleep habits the day they arrive home from the hospital? Setting the foundation for healthy sleep patterns from an early age will help you have even more success as your child grows!  

What You’ll Learn:  

• Helpful Sleep and Environmental Tips for the Best Rest for Your Baby
• How to Combat Day and Nighttime Confusion in the Early Months 
• Strategies for Getting Better Sleep from the Beginning 
• Implementation and Guidance for the ABCs of Sleep  

• Advice and Guidelines for Baby’s Nutritional and Sleep Needs 
• Factors that May be Affecting Your Baby’s Sleep Patterns 
• Five Key Things to Focus on in the First 12 Weeks to Help Improve Sleep 

Investment: $20