Best for newborns (0-12 weeks) 

Newborn Sleep Shaping E-Book 

The term "4th trimester" was coined by a world-famous, and well-respected Pediatrician, Dr. Harvey Karp. He came up with this term due to the fact that babies are still very immature developmentally and neurologically. Babies need this external world they were forced into to still mimic the tight, warm womb they lived in for the past 9 months to appropriately grow and develop. Well what does all that mean and look like?

In my Newborn Sleep Shaping Ebook I lay out all the deets for you! What you need to know about a newborn's sleep habits, feeding needs, and so much more!

i help make motherhood a little easier for new moms by helping their babies learn healthy sleep habits the day you come home from the hospital.
I help moms manage the challenges of multiple bedtime routines with a newborn.
my expertise as a pediatric sleep consultant includes, guiding families on establishing routines, healthy sleep habits, and fostering skills for a baby to fall sleep all on their own!

I'm here to tell you society has been lying to you... Society has been telling moms for decades, that "good moms" are "sleep deprived moms" and newborns can't sleep long stretches at night... This is not the case and it's time to break free from this cycle!

Hi, I'm Lexi - a NICU nurse and Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant! I am here to teach you more about newborn sleep and all the things they don't tell you about newborns!

As a mom, I know what it's like to be anxious and tired from having a newborn at home. I know what it's like googling, "How do I get my baby to sleep'", at 3 am. I know what it's like to wake up in the morning thinking, "How am I going to survive another day?". 

I've been there, too, Mama. And that is why my mission is to end sleep-deprivation for moms and dads!

Maybe you've tried...
... reading all the books on newborn sleep.
... bought one-size-fits-all newborn sleep courses.
... asked your pediatrician how to get better sleep. 
... bought all the "trending" new sleep products for a "quick fix".

These aren't working and here's why:
  • You aren't being consistent with what you are doing and you give up what it gets hard. 
  • You're convinced your baby hates to be swaddled. 
  • Every night you are trying something new, and it ends in tear for both you and your baby. 

What if...

... you didn't have to hold or rock your baby to sleep every night.
... you didn't have to co-sleep or share your bed with your baby.
... you could easily lay your baby down for a nap without feeling they are attached to you.

Imagine if...

... you came home from the hospital knowing exactly what steps to take to teach your baby healthy sleep habits. 
.... you took the guessing out of it all and had a one-stop-shop for all your sleep questions. 
... you could have all the bedtime snuggles, but still wake up feeling rested & energized!

Just because you have a newborn doesn't mean you have to be sleep deprived. I was in your shoes once, too. Up almost every 45 minutes either replacing a pacifier, whisper-fighting with my husband on why they baby keeps crying, or sticking her on my breast so she'd fall back asleep. 

i was lost...

When I sleep trained my daughter, it was like two worlds collided. We were sleeping 8-10 hour stretches by 8 weeks, and sleeping through the night for 11-12 hours every single night by 12 weeks old. I'll let you in on a little secret... I couldn't believe it either! Ever since, my daughter sleeps like an angel. 

What You’ll Learn:  

  • Learn the Science Behind Sleep and How it Affects Newborn's Sleep Cycles and Hormones
  • How to Combat Day & Night Confusion
  • What Safe Sleep is for a Newborn
  • How to Conquer the 4th Trimester with Confidence
  • Setting up a Great Sleep Environment & Bedtime Routine

  • Stubborn Early Morning Wake-ups
  • How to Get Your Baby on a Flexible Routine & Feeding Schedule
  • What You Need to Know About Reflux, Colic, and GERD
  • Sleep Shaping Methods Safe for Newborns
  • Navigating the Pacifier & Dropping the Swaddle
  • The Dreaded 4 Month Sleep Regression
  • Mental Health Awareness: Postpartum Depression & Daddy Blues

Investment: $37